HEU KMS Activator V22.2 For Windows Activate Free Download

HEU KMS Activator is a activate Windows and Office all latest versions. It is a new tool, and it is updated reported to the users’ demands & problems. It is a beautiful creation by WindowsActivator, which is mainly designed for the Activation of Windows and the Office. Now It’s the most used activation tool direct, which we can speedily activate Windows

HEU KMS Activator For Windows And Office Activate

. So, This Activator’s latest model fixes a better-known Virus Trojan and works with Windows XP to Windows 10; we could use it at once without putting in extra NET 4.0. Activate our Windows quietly without any detection. Also, This is a KMS-based Activator. So, we could activate Windows at any time. KMS regulations need 360 days to reactivate windows, which we can do by using this Activator.


It is one of the best and latest software used to activate Microsoft Windows and Office products. If we are a user of Microsoft Windows or Office, we probably recognize the importance of Activation. The actual purpose of this Activator is that we don’t have to buy Microsoft Windows or Office DVD, it can activate both applications without purchasing any license key. Also, know that Microsoft is not providing all of its services or products for free. Nowadays, Windows 10 Home edition DVD costs almost $150, while windows professional will cost us $200, whereas Microsoft Office 2016 for Pc cost us $170 per year. 

HEU KMS Activator Download

HEU KMS activator is an excellent activator. So, it is virus-free and very comfortable to use. We can handle it without problems because it’s too simple to use. So, it’s also easy to access. This Activator is excellent & satisfactory software. Therefore, it is a very lightweight software. It can be deleted at once after the Activation. This Activator always updates in step with the necessities.

Consequently, it is the world’s most popular software activator because it has many latest features. Thus, we can take many benefits of this for our device. It is useful software, a powerful tool, and it works successfully. Everyone desires to have one such activator window. So, it is also a genuine activator. This was developed by a Chinese-based organization known as HUE, which decided to make this Activator. The Activator is upgraded daily according to the user’s issues. The issues are regularly solved. This is an absolute need to have an activator for Windows and Office.


HEU KMS Activator has many other benefits and full capabilities that we want to see in our favorite Windows and Office Activator. So, It will provide us with recent online updates when our PC is linked to the internet. Even after installing this Activator, we don’t need to install NET 4 on our device as it has a complete ability to run without any delay & any aid. It will help us to activate our windows without any problem regarding the internet connection. Its free Activation allows us to appreciate entree to advanced features or updates which are not available in products or that have not been made active.

Latest Features:

  • Install and build a KMS server.
  • Activate any Windows and also Office.
  • It gives us a free choice to use KMS keys for Windows or Office setup.
  • Check the Windows and Office activation status.
  • We can also reset the Windows and Office activation keys in case of any problem.

Features of HEU KMS Activator:

  • 100 % genuine, fast, and supports almost all Windows and Office versions.
  • Activation under Windows 7 without installing NET 4.
  • Supports Windows & Office activation, backup, and restore.
  • Simple user interface with different options for activating also windows & office.
  • We can automatically activate using a key, and also we can choose according to our needs. 
  • It contains many KMS-related functions.
  • Small in size.

System Requirements:

  • Net Framework 2.0
  • Internet connection required for updating
  • Compatible with all the operating systems
  • That’s all download and enjoy! 


  • The price of Activation with this Activator is free.
  • We will need a single click to activate the device with KMS Server Emulator.
  • Net Framework is not required before activating Windows.
  • It might also enable all the locked capabilities of windows and the office.
  • Simple user interface with different alternatives for enabling home and Professional windows.
  • Internet connection is not required.
  • Automatically activate any product that we want. 

How to Download and use this Activator?

  1. Download and Install HEU KMS Activator for free from https://cracks4you.com/
  2. Run it as an Admin 
  3. So, Press the Clean Activation History button.
  4. Click Update Server, to Update KMS Server. 
  5. Also, Choose the type of Window. 
  6. Press the Activation Now button. 
  7. Done. Enjoy! 

 Note: In case of any problem faced by you regarding the Activation of the window or any other issue, you can contact us through the comment box. Our Windows Activator team will help you according to your problems.JawadG