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Xender Crack for PC is a first-class Software that helps you to transfer documents between devices. Xender for PC can send various sized documents among devices within seconds. The software supports each document type that considers, videos, movies, songs, wallpapers, GIFs, and so forth. Additionally, this application can also be installed on your laptop, Android Phone, and IOS phone. It does now not have a devoted model for Mac-based computers.


Xender makes use of both the available Wi-Fi together with the Bluetooth to get related to the tool and provide the specific switch velocity for the transfer of files and folders without problems. Sending data will no longer be any extra tensioning and time to consume as the sender essentially makes the transfer almost all report codecs and talking of the movies, snapshots, files, contacts, API, games and lots more excellent. Xender app is to be had for all types of today’s structures which can be in reputation.

Xender makes it possible to do away with the old technique of connecting devices with LAN or cable with each other earlier than even beginning to share any document. You may also connect and share documents between different PC. Download Xender for PC from here and you may no longer need any other supportive utility to guide the transfer application to run in your PC.

How Xender for PC Works?

Xender file transfer application works via following a few simple and easy steps. Whenever any person connects with his/her friends, the app does not utilize the tool’s mobile data. Instead, it creates an internet Wi-Fi hotspot on a specific machine, on which other users may additionally choose to join their devices.


The interface allows you to browse documents with the help of category, but additionally through a classical folder net model. Downloading materials to the laptop is achieved report via a file. There is no bulk transfer; however, the download conversation will open in sequence for each file till all are downloaded. Unfortunately right here is wherein Xender may screw up. The documents you pick for transferring are not always the files to be indeed downloaded. Other than the supply of Xender app for smart cellular devices or cellular telephones, Xender document transfer software, we could transfer of data from phones to PCs with the help of blue stack programs available on PC. Technological experts call this as Xender for PCs.


  • Shares files/statistics with more than one device offer support to about five devices.
  • Facilitates document and media documents switch as well as sharing on a pass-platform foundation among iOS and Android devices.
  • It helps in a natural connection with your PCs.
  • The switch pace is also quite excessive when as compared to LAN and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It is about 300 instances quicker than Bluetooth and lots more to use than AirDrop.
  • It does not require any form of stressed connection among devices
  • With the assistance of the utility, you will be capable of sharing nearly all types of documents inclusive of.Exe and.Msi form of files.
  • Xender does now not require any internet connection to work or change documents between computers.
  • Xender transfers documents from one tool to another at an impressive pace of up to 100 Mbps.
  • There is not any constraint to the size of the text being share.
  • Promotes the characteristic of smartphones reflect. Hence, you can reproduce, clone, reflect each of your facts from your old handset to a brand new one
  • Slide characteristic to ship image or photo by simply sliding snapshots to every other phone device.
  • Very rapid downloads.
  • The interface can be found out speedy.
  • No bulk downloads.
  • Some issues with downloading to a computer.
PC Requirements:
  • Xender for PC supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & Windows 10.
  • RAM: 2GB
  • High Graphics Card
  • Hard Disk Space: 5-6 GB

How to Use Xender on PC?

  1. First Launch the Xender for your Windows 10/8/7 on your PC or laptop.
  2. Once the Xender opens, its going to begin searching for Available connections automatically.
  3. To connect Xender PC to your Smartphone. Open Xender Application for your Mobile phone.
  4. Then select the Send or Receive button in your Mobile, now it will begin trying to find nearly available connections.
  5. So, Pair both the device once the connection shows the terms and each other devices.
  6. Now, you can share documents between your PC and mobile phone.


Xender for PC is best to file Sharing & Transfer is highly effective at transferring documents. Sending documents together to a set is especially beneficial for sharing data with others in specific situations.